All Is Well – Vabene (Original Mix) [Endless Worldwide]


All Is Well - Vabene


“Vabene” is a fantastic new track by a mysterious artist, All is Well. According to a post called “Who is All is Well?” on Endless Worldwide: “All is Well is a secret project behind which there is a famous producer.” While we may not be able to guess who it is, we can be fairly sure it’s not Endless’s Luca Bachetti. But who is or isn’t behind the track is less important, as its musical quality stands for itself, detached from any bias the musician’s name may have on its perception. “Vabene,” is a uniquely sounding track with a feel-good, almost subtly funky vibe, and can be heard can be heard in Luca Bacchetti’s Hardpop set. We look forward to hearing more of what All is Well has coming.

Links: All is Well Beatport