#TBT: Joachim Pastor – Braumstig (Rodriguez Jr. Remix) [Mistakes Music]


Joachim Pastor - Braumstig (Rodriguez Jr. Remix) // DeeplyMoved


For this week’s Throwback Thursday, here’s an earworm that will wriggle its way into the part of your brain that controls the physical impulse to keep hitting play. Don’t fight it. Rodriguez Jr.’s addictive remix of Joachim Pastor’s “Braumstig,” merited endless rinsing in 2011 and it still does. Its solemnly rolling bassline backing a slowly-hopping piano note descent capped with a perky chime is perfectly balanced blend of deepness and lightheartedness. Bonus: the top of Soundcloud waveform looks like a DNA strand and, well, that’s just really cool.

Release date: 10/17/2011

Links: Buy on Beatport // Rodriguez Jr. Soundcloud