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    Fur Coat played Alex Niggemann’s jaw-dropping, scathingly dark track “Divergent” last night in Miami, and hearing it on Trade’s sound system blew me away. I am very picky »

  Photo credit: KO Photo Vogue   As the once-underground techno lover’s mecca, Detroit’s Movement Festival (formerly DEMF) has enjoyed major growth, allowing it to expand to an impressive 6 »

    With a unique dark and melodic sound characterized by moody tension and dramatic synth stabs, French producer THe WHite SHadow [Einmusika, Crossfrontier Audio, Tenampa, Chilli Mint Digital] is »

    Masterminds of darkness Tale of Us have been playing this remix out recently, as heard in their “Live at La Nuit @ Grand Palais” set. It’s a subdued »

    “Nakt” is a really pretty melodic techno track by French producer Rone. I’m a very big fan of bell-type sounds personally, and this dreamy tune has cheery chimes »

    I first heard this oddly unique deep techno track in 2011 on Hybrid Soundsystem’s Nocturnal Radio May 2011 mix, and it immediately became special to me. I had »