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      Ask me again, again, again I don’t know why I say no I’ll ask you again, please know, please know I mean it this time   Throw »

    I want your sacredness inside, I want your shadow cast aside, I want your gold to be in bloom, I want your soul to make me new Give »

    You see it all in black and white It’s out of mind and out of sight But everything will only stay the same If we won’t talk about »

    Take the pill from your pocket and use it to keep you afloat Roll your eyes to the back of your head as you swallow it whole You »

    When I lose myself in you And you offer me some time When its all been said and done And you might reconsider it And things are they »

    Missed by the whisker We used to be so close Black, looking at the distance At all of yesterdays Touched by your wisdom All hopeful and to hold »

    I can’t do without you (repeat) And you’re the only thing I think about It’s all that I can still do And you know you’re the one I »

    I can see the sun set on your secrets All of your illusions fill the air Looking me down has left me speechless You don’t give a damn »

    I’ve been laying about on my face, and I, I wish I could bring back these days, and How much beauty lies within The real thing, and the »

    The well spent time In the early morning’s haze You sit and wait Watching full glasses through blank eyes This is not What you wanted Not what you »