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    Fur Coat played Alex Niggemann’s jaw-dropping, scathingly dark track “Divergent” last night in Miami, and hearing it on Trade’s sound system blew me away. I am very picky »

    When I listen to a track, I usually have some sort of visual imagery in my mind that is formed along with the feel of the music. For »

    Extremely talented genre-blurring German producer François Rengère has a background in trance/progressive house under the alias “Armas.” But in just the past 11 month foray into deep house, »

    Whomi has been inspiring awe with his latests works, including his hypnotic remix of Mashk’s “Home,” and melodic original productions “Roads” and “Near Walls.” His Anjunadeep debut is »

    Mario Basanov is something of a King Midas of deep house, transforming already awesome tracks into pure musical gold, and his remix of Italian producer Lehar’s “Sargas” is »

    Months after being heard at BPM festival, the identity of Matthew Dekay‘s “Fangtango” is now revealed. Following recent works such as “Fur die Liebe,” and “Lost in a »

    If the great classical composers of yesteryear were given synthesizers rather than instruments in some sort of bizarre alternate timeline, they might have created something along the lines »

    Relatively new Italian producer Whomi has been putting out some really great original works including “Roads” and “Near Walls,” and has been killing it in the remix game »