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    Guest post by: Irina Kotik After an impressive debut at Musica Autonomica last summer with “Genesis” and “Jericho”, young and talented Munich producers Matthias Dräxler and Matthias Schüll, better known »

    Jonny Cruz (disCerN) is a name well-known for his fruitful production career with many releases on labels such as Touch of Class, My Favorite Robot, Aeon, Soulfouled, Faceless, »

    With a unique dark and melodic sound characterized by moody tension and dramatic synth stabs, French producer THe WHite SHadow [Einmusika, Crossfrontier Audio, Tenampa, Chilli Mint Digital] is »

    As a blogger and hopeless music addict, I spend endless fruitful hours scouring the vast reaches of the internet in search of sonic magic… on a quest for »

    “My truth is a ten headed beast, I’m possessed…” It’s also a truth that Christian Löffler has a particular knack for the creation of really uniquely special works »

    German producer Recondite has shown incredibly diverse versatility, from dark melodic techno bombs “Caldera” and “Fiery,” to far more chill, down-tempo tracks like “Leafs,” and yet still to »

  Âme has been prolific in the creation of bomb after bomb this year, with “Turn Around,” and “From Nowhere,” as well as previous fire “Den Råtta” and “Tatischeff,” and »

    Anything by the XX is always ideal fodder for remixing, and Edu Imbernon did such an incredible job with this one that years later it’s still not tired »

    Is Agoria’s remix of Santé’s “Awake” the next deep house anthem? Catchy vocal hook- check. Relatable lyrics about partying? Check. Slightly moody synth bits countering the uplifting, feel-good »

    With the various remixes of Moderat’s “Bad Kingdom” we have come to know and love, this one is on the complete opposite of the mood spectrum compared to »