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    With a tune as gorgeous and easy to get lost in as David August‘s remix of Thomas Barfod’s “Pulsing,” it’s a shame that, along with his other artistic »

    Young musical prodigy David August’s Boiler Room set was incredibly gorgeous, considered by many to be a masterpiece mix of his characteristically complex and innovative original productions including »

    How do you describe musical genius verbally? Defining it accurately in words is a challenging feat of wordsmithery, but I can tell you how it sounds- just listen »

    After leaving a deep mark on thousands with the impressively beautiful “Epikur,” and an absolutely killer Boiler Room set that is still lauded well after its airing, young »

    Qtier – Set Me On (David August Remix) LYRICS   You were first in mind Nobody else Take your time I wouldn’t waste my eyes With anyone else »