Spotlight on: Mantra Recordings

Mantra Recordings // DeeplyMoved

Recently materializing on Soundcloud, the UK-based Mantra Recordings mix series explores the darker side of deep house. Featuring exceptional tracks from favourite artists such as Adriatique, Michael Gracioppo, Vaal, Baikal, Mind Against, Avatism, Lake People, Dixon, Sandrino & Frankey, Mano le Tough, Ten Walls, Alex Niggeman, Agents of Time, Take of Us, &Me, Few Nolder, Ripperton, Ame, David August, and others along that same vein, these mixes are gem after gem of outstanding selections by up-and-coming DJs including Pleiades, Taael, Lost Path, All My Fears, and Nyex. Each mix is comprised of quality tracks throughout and free of duds, and some unreleased tracks and original productions can also be found. Also of mention, the cool artwork. With this level of consistent awesomeness, we look forward to more Mantra sets in the hopefully not-so-distant future.


Mantra Recordings links: Soundcloud // Facebook

Pleiades: Facebook // Soundcloud
Nyex: Facebook // Soundcloud
All My Fears: Facebook // Soundcloud
Lost Path: Soundcloud
Taael: Facebook // Soundcloud