Mâhfoud – The Giant (François Rengère Remix) [Jannowitz Records]


Mâhfoud - The Giant (François Rengère Remix) [Jannowitz Records] // DeeplyMoved


Extremely talented genre-blurring German producer François Rengère has a background in trance/progressive house under the alias “Armas.” But in just the past 11 month foray into deep house, he has created some really incredible tracks, ranging diversely from gorgeously instrumental to dark and brooding, and has shown polish and mastery in the execution of each distinct style. His most recent remix of Mâhfoud’s “The Giant” is of the moodier, darker shade. A minimal, slow-burning intro with sparse synth notes patiently and subtly builds the crawling tension up to the explosive release of the main dramatic melody and deeply ominous pads, with occasional brief sinister elements decorating the tune with further foreboding effect. The remix is absolute fire, and with François Rengère demonstrating such command of the epic dark style that I am so fond of, I really hope to hear some more tunes along the same vein in the future.

Hear the full track at 15:00 in his amazing mix below:


Linkage: Buy MP3 on Beatport // François Rengère Soundcloud