Kiasmos – Looped (Original Mix) [HFN Music]


Kiasmos - Looped (Original Mix) [HFN Music] // DeeplyMoved


Icelandic duo Kiasmos is comprised of award-winning composer Ólafur Arnalds and electro-pop mastermind Janus Rasmussen of Bloodgroup, who discovered their common love of minimal, experimental music, and went on to create such works of refined beauty as “Looped.” This lovely, serene track features peaceful layered piano melodies slowly progressing in intensity over airy, atmospheric pads and subdued percussion. With such gorgeously fulfilling emotion, this tranquil treasure very well may be straight off the soundtrack to heaven.

Free download via KEXP.

Release date: 2014.10.27

Linkage: Buy on Beatport // Kiasmos Facebook