Interview: The Hypnotic Musical Stylings of Ninze


Interview with Ninze // DeeplyMoved


Some time ago, I stumbled upon a unique sound that was stylistically quite different from most other music in the chilled realm of downtempo-esque house music. Characterized by a hypnotically slow rhythm of driving bass kicks, interestingly processed vocal samples, and often exotic-sounding instrumentation and percussion woven in a reminiscently trippy fashion through somber melodies, talented German producers Ninze, Okaxy, and Niju coined this style “KetaPop.” I found myself absolutely mesmerized by the journey crafted of consistently entrancing moments perfectly designed for a relaxing mental voyage, such as in Ninze’s most recent, amazing live set:


On the cusp of embarking on his first US tour, I chatted with him to find out more.

Ninze! I was so excited when I found out you are coming to Miami next week to play at one of my favourite dark and intimate venues, the Electric Pickle. I think it’s perfect for your sound. How would you describe your really unique style?

Thank you, I am very excited to come over to the states and to play! It´s hard to describe sounds in words sometimes, especially for your own music. I try to create a cosy atmosphere in most of my productions, which I try to bring on the floor as well. In slow tempo beats I put deep atmosphere and organic sounds, to create a special setting for the audience. I think the same atmosphere in my songs are the thing, which makes the “style”.

On your Facebook and Soundcloud, you have your genre described as “ketahouse,” and “ketapop.” Inquiring minds want to know… what IS ketahouse? I think it’s my new favourite thing.

Ketapop – well that is kind of an invented genre from me and my friends here, because we didn´t want to describe our sound in existing drawer. Keta; the allusion to the drug ketamin, just means that it´s slow house music and a little bit trippy as well.

I actually couldn’t find much about you online, a biography or anything, can you tell us a little about yourself?

I didn´t write an biography or anything yet, but I do music, especially with Okaxy since a long time ago in different projects and it gets more and more exciting every year! My favourite color is green. 😉

I recently heard your incredible Birthday live set as N!nze & Okaxy Syndicat. Amazing stuff! Can you tell us about your work with Okaxy?

The project with Okaxy was there before me as single project and yes, recently we published our first live set for our third birthday. I’ve known Okaxy since we were children playing in the woods and I am glad to have this musical connection with him. Soon there will be some releases too, also with our new project “Wide Awake”.


Most of your tracks so far seem to be unreleased… do you keep them exclusive for your sets, or any plans to release them in the near future?

Yes, there are plans to release some songs, especially with the other two projects with Okaxy and Wide Awake but also soon for my single project. Really excited for the summer!


You mentioned your upcoming project “Wide Awake”, what’s that about?

This project was founded the beginning of this year and we are really happy about the resonance so far. Soon we’ll release some stuff on vinyl and also come to US in late summer. Together with Niju and Okaxy I am really happy to have two great friends with amazing ideas.


Anything else interesting you want to tell us?

I am super excited going on tour now! Last weeks I was very busy creating the live-set, so I am looking forward to present it now!

We look forward to seeing you in the US!

Linkage: Ninze Facebook // Ninze Soundcloud // Ninze & Okaxy Soundcloud // Wide Awake Soundcloud

Catch Ninze in the US at:

Miami: Electric Pickle 18.6.2015
NY: Bespoke Ocean Cruise w/ Bedouin, Ninze // DeeplyMoved 02.07.2015
Hawaii: Isle 9 Festival 21-23.08.2015 (with Okaxy, Niju)