Getting High at Lightning in a Bottle: Tent Soars Above Festival


Lightning in a Bottle Tent // DeeplyMoved


Getting launched in the festive winds of Lightning in a Bottle, an unsecured tent by the name of Coleman suddenly found itself airborne for the adventure of its life, sailing amongst the clouds above the festival.

“I have never been so high in my life,” the tent later said of its skyward journey after landing safely backstage at the Thunder stage, assisted by fellow festivalgoers concerned for its safety. “I admit things got a little out of control… I partied a little harder than I normally would have, but no one staked me down and, well, I just got carried away.”

The tent’s friends have not yet been located for comment.

Always stake your tent down!!!! #lib

Posted by Patricio Motta on Wednesday, May 27, 2015