François Rengère – Equilibre (Original Mix) [Parquet]



I discovered this jewel by way of its inclusion in German producer François Rengère’s year-in-review podcast of his own productions, “11 Months (The Mixtape).” His debut eponymously named EP on Parquet highlights his uniquely rich and complexly melodic sound and diverse variety of style, no doubt influenced by a background in trance and progressive house production. Fat, elephant-y synths squelch rambunctiously alongside muted xylophone-like notes of similar melody over a backdrop of moody pads, striking a nice balance between the somber and more light-hearted elements. “Equilibre,” along with his other tracks on the EP, and also his epic dark “Mahfoud – The Giant” remix bomb, demonstrate his versatility in creating interesting and addictive melodies spanning genres as well as sub-genres.

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