DeeplyMoved Guest Podcast: DeeplyMixed//002 – THe WHite SHadow


DeeplyMoved Guest Podcast - DeeplyMixed//002 - THe WHite SHadow


With a unique dark and melodic sound characterized by moody tension and dramatic synth stabs, French producer THe WHite SHadow [Einmusika, Crossfrontier Audio, Tenampa, Chilli Mint Digital] is easily a favourite up-and-coming new artist of 2014. You may have heard “Snowflake” on Alex Niggemann’s Snowbombing podcast, “The Sky” in Hernan Cattaneo’s Podcast 186, or “Flying” in Dave Seaman’s Radio Therapy October.

This incredibly awesome podcast progresses perfectly as a journey into deeper and darker, almost sinister depths, commencing with a subtly foreboding Middle-eastern sounding rhythm before descending into thick moody vibes… then, halfway in, things take a turn towards dark and ominous techno, heavily brooding over forcefully driving beats.
Some of the tracks include: Lee Van Downski – 050504, Moosefly – Something in the Trees, Mind Against & Locked Groove – Elysium, Dahu & Mpathy – Shattered, Mind Against & Locked Groove – Pulsar.

Also check out his latest two EPs below, and in the near future, an upcoming EP on Einmusika and a remix for Guy Mantzur.



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