David August – Epikur (Original Mix) [Innervisions]


David August - Epikur [Innervisions] // DeeplyMoved


How do you describe musical genius verbally? Defining it accurately in words is a challenging feat of wordsmithery, but I can tell you how it sounds- just listen to “Epikur.” And I can tell you how it feels- like incredible elation. I’ve been delaying writing about this track ever since falling obsessively in love with it at BPM Festival 2014, for fear of inadequately giving it the justice it deserves. Nine months after hearing it initially, it still induces chills down my spine and an instant state of enveloping bliss, as it did yet again when Lee Burridge recently dropped it in his Robot Heart set at Burning Man months later. Synonymous with sunrise sets from Playa del Carmen to the playa in Black Rock City, the perfectly layered deep melancholic atmosphere and dramatic building notes lend themselves to a positively mesmerizing dancefloor experience. It’s almost impossible not to lose yourself and enter a hypnotic headspace when surrounded by such aural artistry. One of the definitive top tracks of 2014, David August’s masterpiece “Epikur” will no doubt continue creating magical dancefloor moments for some time to come.

Release date: 3/17/2014

Links: Buy on Beatport // David August Soundcloud