Chopstick & Johnjon – “Dreading The Light” (Frankey & Sandrino remix)


Chopstick & Johnjon 'Dreading The Light' (Frankey & Sandrino Remix) // DeeplyMoved

Frankey and Sandrino are known for their uniquely shining works, including favourites “Save,” “The Edge,” their “Distractions” remix, and “We Are All Dust.” They have created another audio jewel with their infectious and memorable remix of Chopstick & Johnjon’s “Dreading the Light.” Deeply resounding and slowly progressing bass creates a mesmerizing platform for sublimely flowing male vocals of sentimental lyrics, while their characteristic infusion of tension within the track lends a hint of drama. It’s a beautifully flowing track, and it’s currently available free for you to download courtesy of MixMag.

Release date: 7/31/2014

Links: Free download on MixMag! // Frankey and Sandrino Soundcloud