Beatport Pro to Classic Redirect Extension for Google Chrome // DeeplyMoved


Beatport Always Classic Redirect from Pro Chrome Browser Extension by DeeplyMoved


Change is a good thing, right? We are supposed to embrace change. The advent of electric cars, square watermelons, and celebrity gender changes- all good things, right? But some changes are not so good. When Beatport changed its UI to the new Pro interface, user reactions were mixed- some users loved the new responsive and mobile-friendly design, while others (especially DJs) were upset at the new redesign’s effects on functionality. After substantial outcry, the Classic UI was made available for use by manually changing the subdomain in the URL from “pro” to “classic.” But that’s time consuming. So I made a nifty little browser extension for Chrome that will do it for you; because until computers develop AI and revolt, they are here for us to make them do things we are too lazy to do. BP Always Classic will automatically redirect all Pro URLs to its Classic counterpart, saving you the inconvenience of manually changing it, and allowing you to have more free time for important things like browsing Dixon shirts and watching 90’s Boiler Room.

Download (free) at the Google Chrome Extension Store: BP Always Classic