Awesome Mixes: Our Favourite Mixes of February 2015


February 2015 Deep House Mixes and Podcasts on DeeplyMoved


What an awesome month for mixes. Check out these stellar sets from Stimming, Mind Against, Alex Niggemann, KRINK, Moosefly, Aaryon, Aki Bergen, Clarian, Francois Rengere, Patlac, Marc Poppke, Mark Slee, Musumeci, Nick Devon, The Element, THe WHite SHadow for DeeplyMixed, Upercent, Matt Hardinge, Jonas Saalback, Talul, Punu, and Surreal Flight. Oh, and a DeeplyMood/project::zxyra one. Did I miss any amazing sets? Comment below and let us know!

DeeplyMixed//002 – THe WHite SHadow

French producer THe WHite SHadow has only been in the game about a year or so, but he’s already put out some serious dancefloor bombs. This mix is a deep and foreboding journey ending with ominously dark techno. Absolutely awesome set.
Partial tracklist:
Lee Van Downski – 050504
Moosefly – Something in the Trees
Mind Against & Locked Groove – Elysium
Dahu & Mpathy – Shattered
Mind Against & Locked Groove – Pulsar
And some unreleased mystery bombs.

DeeplyMood ★ Podcast 002

What would the monthly awesome mix list be without some shameless self-promotion? I made this one. Heh. Kind of a melancholic mood, with a hint of darkness. A few nice rolling tracks in there, a few melodic synthy ones. You might like it, you might not. Only one way to find out.
Punu – The Fossil (Original Mix) [Sintope Digital]
Talal & Zoi, Abeer Sheikh, Saqib – Starry Skies (Original Mix) [Seamless Recordings]
Patlac — Opus (Original Mix) [Liebe Detail]
Mind Against – Strange Days (Recondite Remix) [Life and Death]
Upercent – Amerat [Sincopat]
Idioma — Pandore (Ruede Hagelstein’s Gentle Touch Remix) [Marketing Music]
Wareika – A Night At Hoppetosse (Finnebassen Remix) [Supernature]
Mashk – Home (Whomi Remix) [Parquet Recordings]
Marc Romboy, Stephan Bodzin – Kerberos (Original Mix) [Systematic Recordings]

Deep House Amsterdam – Stimming – Deep House Amsterdam Mixtape #140

Fresh off the press, a special live set for DHA with that unique Stimming sound.

Mind Against – Goethebunker 14.12.14 Reisebureau @ Goethebunker w/ Mind Against (Life and Death)

Wow, what a set. 2 hours, a nice dark mix of some more somber, low-key, percussiony tunes, and some heavier-hitting ones. Includes the absolute chill-inducing gem of a remix of Nils Frahm – “Says” by The Element.

Krink | Close Distance (Live Set) |

KRINK is something else… his live sets and productions have a certain innovative quality that make his sound completely unique to anything else I’ve heard. I honestly don’t even know how to describe his sound other than something along the vein of… scathingly dark, deep, minimal-techno-ish? With a little bit of trippiness, perhaps. He is one of my favourites for a reason.

Moosefly – Upperberry | Episode 042 | Moosefly

Is he a moose that also happens to be a fly, or a fly that is also a moose? How does he fit his antlers through the doors to his studio? These are the pressing questions to which elected members of societies worldwide have assembled to discuss, but have been unable to arrive at a conclusion to. Nonetheless, this is another unique-sounding artist. This is a rather eclectic mix with darker undertones and a hint of weirdness (Sandeman & John Monkman – French Girl in Berghain is downright bizarre).
Partial tracklist, in no particular order:
The Acid – Ghost (Maya Jane Coles remix)
Vincenzo ft Minako – Just Like Heaven (Dave DK Remix)
Maceo Plex & Garbriel Ananda- Solitary Daze (Barnt Remix)
Rhymos – Grey Table
DJ Tennis – Anatomy (North Lake Remix)
Mind Against – Strange Days

Deep Electronica Mix by François Rengère (1h Mix) – Best|Deep 002

A nice selection of tracks ranging from lovely and melodic to a bit darker.
Partial tracklist:
Royksopp – Sordid Affair (Maceo Plex remix)
Kiasmos – Bent
Trentemøller – Always Something Better (DJ Tennis & Mind Against Remix)
Pete Oak & Notize – Merula (Martin Roth remix)

Aki Bergen Equilibrium Podcast (January 2015)

This is all of the Steyoyoke Equilibrium album tracks mixed together! So awesome! Dark and melodic tracks here, all awesome and a few serious bombs.
If you love it, support them and buy the CD. 😉
01. BLANCAh – Ripple Effect
02. Animal Picnic – Gravity
03. Soul Button & Nick Devon – Fading Light
04. Dahu & MPathy – Shattered
05. Soul Button & MPathy – Tremors
06. Nick Devon & BLANCAh – Harmstring
07. Dahu & MPathy – Abyss
08. Ran Salman & Soul Button – Aquarium
09. Aaryon & Ran Salman – Riptide
10. Soul Button & BLANCAh – Rising Silence
11. Ran Salman – Zephyr
12. Aki Bergen & Daniel Jaze – Natural Order feat. Ken Rosen

Marc Poppcke – Favourites Of The Month February 2015

A great selection of some of his favourite recent tracks. Everything in here is excellent.
01 Luc Angenehm – Tragedy [Solid Shape Records]
02 Solee – Phoenix (Johannes Brecht Remix) [Parquet Recordings]
03 Affect! – Akaria (Kris Davis Remix) [Save Us Records]
04 Jonas Saalbach – Am See [Subjekt Recordings]
05 THe WHite SHadow – Destination
06 Miyagi – Don’t Bother Me (Einmusik Remix) [Der Turnbeutel]
07 Pete Oak & Notize – Merula (Martin Roth Remix) [Subjekt Recordings]
08 Animal Picnic & Aaryon – Hydra (Nick Devon Remix) [Steyoyoke Recordings]
09 Kiko & Oliver Giacomotto – Beautiful Place [Noir Music]
10 Sebastien Leger – DXB [Temple Of Lions]
11 Joel Mull & Sasha – Pale Reich [Last Night On Earth]
12 Plastikman – EXhale (Dixon’s Just A Different Mixdown Version) [MUTE]

The Element – SoundPark (December 2014)

This technically from December, but I missed it so in it goes. A variety of styles, darker vibes.

Alex Niggemann – Live At Last Night On Earth, Blue Parrot (The BPM Festival 2015, Mexico) – 16-Jan-2

Recorded live at the BPM festival… I was so excited for this but unfortunately missed his set due to going from the Innervisions party to the Innervisions afterparty in Tulum to a certain Solomon Bay villa after-afterparty that just kept going and going and next thing I know it’s 2 days later. Or was it 3? I forget. Anyway, this is a really great set, a little different from his normal style, as per you would expect at a Last Night on Earth gig.

Aaryon – TheDeepRoom Guest Mix 036 Tunnel FM

Dark vibes here as would be expected, a great selection of tracks.
1. Ran Salman – Fractured Memories (Animal Picnic remix) Steyoyoke Promo
2. Mathias Meyer – Lagonia (Original Mix) Liebe Detail
3. North Lake – Marlborol Noir (Original Mix) Phonica
4. Andrea Arcangeli – Cuore (Soul Button Remix ) Parquet Recordings
5. Soul Button & Mpathy – Tremors (Original Mix) Steyoyoke Promo
6. Dave Seaman & One Million Toys – Everything comes in threes (D-Nox & Beckers Remix) Tulipa Recordings
7. Alex Niggemann – Sorrow feat. Bon Homme (Deetron Remix) Watergate Records
8. Mind Against -Strange Days (Original Mix) Life and Death
9. Aaryon – Selenium (Original Mix) Free Track
10. Affect! – Akaria (Original Mix) SaveUs Promo

Patlac – SoundPark (Feb 15)

Yay! Patlac! I absolutely love Patlac’s productions, and he killed it at BPM festival at both of the parties he played at (Akbal and Endless). This is an awesome mix he did for SoundPark.

Mark Slee – Soundterrasse Soundtape #74 by Mark Slee ( Cityfox | Listed. | USA )

Excellent mix with melodic tones. Aaryon – Fairy Tales (Animal Picnic Remix), Matthias Meyer- Lagonia, and Clarian- Wasting Away Again in Moderation are my favourites from this awesome set.

Upercent – Suruba Podcast 016

Moody and dark, you know the drill here. Upercent is awesome, one of my fav up-and-coming producers who continually impresses me. Includes tracks by AFFKT, Darlyn Vlys, Dj Tennis, Dj Koze, Manuelle Musik, Adapter and more, as well as his own kick-ass productions.

Punu – Sintope Radioshow #010

I found him by way of his track “The Fossil,” which is supremely awesome (my DeeplyMood 002 podcast opens with it). Tracks here include Kiasmos – Looped, Maxxi Soundsystem – Medicine, Patlac – Opus, Sven Vath – L’esperanza (Ame Reinterpretation).

i-D – Clarian: Music To… Be Soft Touched By

A variety of thingz, n’ stuff. To touch you, softly. Eclectic.

Matt Hardinge – TuffTape vol. 37

Nice selection of tracks including Fur Coat – Fading Away, Flowers and Sea Creatures – Overworld.

Nick Devon – February’s Particles 2015 Podcast

A mixture of darker vibes.
Philipp Kempnich – Ink (Original Mix)[Save Us Records]
SCSI-9 — Angel(Original Mix) [Immer]
Gabriel I,Chaty,Tamez — Dr. Ro(Original Mix) [Sincopat]
WhoMadeWho – Traces (Agents Of Time Remix) [Click Records]
Ryan Davis – The Wolve (Max Cooper Remix) [Irm Records]
Hunter/Game – Canyons (Original Mix) [Last Night On Earth]
Flowers And Sea Creatures,Villanova (FR) — 5 O’clock In The Morning [My Favorite Robot]
Kiko, Olivier Giacomotto – Beautiful Place (Original Mix) [Noir]
Animal Picnic & Aaryon – Hydra (Nick Devon Remix) [Steyoyoke]
Kosmas – Laura (Original Mix)[Inside Out Records]
Memo Insua – Trip Radio (Original Mix) [Union Jack Records]
Aki Bergen – Helix (Dahu Remix) [Steyoyoke]

Musumeci – Signal Hills #14 | 5.10.2014

This isn’t February either, but I liked it, and I make the rules here.

THe WHite SHadow – Crossfrontier Audio Podcast 026

Another awesome mix by THe WHite SHadow.

Talul – Podcast For Espressolab Turkey

This is full of jewels we like.

Jonas Saalbach – Moodcast February 2015

Nice podcast including Affect! – Akaria (Kris Davis Remix).

Love over Entropy – DJ @ SoHaSo showcase Tivoli 20150214 (Utrecht, NL)

Just found this, listening now. So far, excellent. Will report back. Over and out.
Update: Awesome set!

DeeplyMiami Podcast 001 – Surreal Flight

The first podcast from our offshoot site DeeplyMiami, this podcast features chills and emotive tracks, including Christian Loffler’s gorgeous remixes of Hundreds – “Ten Headed Beast” and Primal – “Boundaries,” the hypnotic Lake People – “Uneasy Hiding Places,” and the lovely and moody hang-drum rhythm of Midas 104 – “Horus,” to name a few highlights.